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POWER OUTAGE: Approximately 443 homes along Fire Tower Road between S. Memorial Drive & S. Evans Street are without power, according to @GUC_Info. GUC projects power could be reestablished around 3:33 a.m. #HurricaneFlorence2018

The governor’s supporters were shocked.” The PI would run a VJ Day sized headline — “DIXY DEFEATED” — when the governor lost her 1980 primary. Fassio was a part of the Greatest Generation, but just barely. He would enlist in the Navy at the age of 18, on July 9, 1945, less than two month’s before Japan’s surrender in World War II. During the Korean War he would re-up in the Naval Reserve, serve 21 years and retire with the rank of Commander. As a son of immigrant parents, Fasio learned and took to heart the work ethic — early. He started delivering the Pittsburgh Press while in the 7th grade, depositing his $2.50 in weekly earnings in a savings account. He worked in a coal yard as a teenager, even though his father discouraged the job. Domenico Fassio had worked in the coal mines as an immigrant, but came above ground to work at the Equitable Gas Company. All told, Virg Fassio would spend 46 years in the newspaper business, traveling from Wilmington, Delaware to Detroit, and then to become vice president for circulation of the Chicago Tribune. He was hired away by Hearst in 1976 to be general manager of the P-I, and took over as publisher in 1978. ALSO:  Costco co-founder passes away at 74 He learned a lesson in a publisher’s power from Washington’s powerful senator and two-time presidential candidate Sen.

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Judge grants time to weigh insanity plea in newspaper attack

Authorities led him away in leg irons after the brief hearing. Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney Wes Adams noted some uncertainty that remains due to a potential plea change. “Obviously we have to see everything that’s filed. We will respond accordingly, based on what evaluations are provided to us and our own evaluations as the evidence dictates,” Adams told reporters, when asked how he would respond to a plea of not criminally responsible. The judge granted a defense request for prosecutors to turn over more information in the case, including witness phone numbers and addresses. “We agreed to give over the information so that the defense attorney — and the defense attorneys only — can prepare for this particular case,” Adams said. Prosecutors, who are seeking life in prison without possibility of parole, also turned over officers’ body-worn camera footage, 911 calls, EMT reports and grand jury testimony, Adams said. Ramos faces 23 charges. The 38-year-old has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Gerald Fischman, Rob Hiaasen, John McNamara, Rebecca Ann Smith and Wendi Winters in the June 28 attack at the newsroom, where police say he used a shotgun to blast his way inside. He also has been charged with attempted murder, assault and gun crimes.

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