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Bradford newspaper turns off website comments over 'hate-filled' tirades

The Suffa Tul Islam Central Mosque in Bradford Comments sections ruined for the many by a few anonymous cowards. Readers’ letters will rise again.” In response to a follower who criticised the move, claiming the media were retreating from user-generated content, he replied: “Wrong. We just don’t tolerate anonymous guff. We get and publish more readers’ letters than ever, and tweets, and FB comments. We just delete anon. If you can’t put your name and face to your opinion, who cares anyway!?” The T&A said it had been forced to take the step because banning the worst offenders did not work as they would return, sometimes within minutes, under a new pseudonym “spouting the same poison”. Bradford’s Asian population makes up 27% of residents. Nearly half of all Asians living in Yorkshire and the Humber live in Bradford, with the central wards of Bradford Moor, City, Little Horton, Manningham and Toller having large majority Asian populations. There have been two race riots in the city in recent history. The Manningham riot occurred between 10 and 12 June 1995, and the 2001 Bradford race riots began on 7 July 2001 as a result of tension between ethnic minority communities and the city’s white majority, stoked by confrontations between the Anti-Nazi League and the National Front.

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